2017 Pan-Homenetmen Games to be Held in Yerevan

2017 10th Pan-Homenetmen Games

Homenetmen Western U.SA. is looking to complete their adult team roster (18+) for the 2017 Pan-Homenetmen Games to be held in Yerevan, Armenia July 21-28, 2017 and are turning to Fresno for soccer talent.

If you are 18+ and are interested in joining Homenetmen’s Western U.S. men’s soccer team, call Haig at (818) 422-4276 for more details.  Space and time is limited, so call today! […]

Thanksgiving Traditions With a Kick!

It’s the time of the year where most people across America spend with their friends and families celebrating unity and giving thanks for the blessings they have received. It’s also a time filled with traditions, such as family walks, watching The Rose Parade, NFL Football, The Armenian Telethon (it’s an Armenian thing), and of course,[…]