September 9, 2015


Welcome to the Fresno Armenian Futból Club!

Whether you’re currently a member or interested in joining our club, this is where you’ll find all the info you need about becoming an FAFC player.

Interested in joining our group?
The first thing you should know about being an FAFC player is that we are not a ‘pick-up’ group or currently affiliated with any league or association.  We are a private club of Armenians dedicated to and passionate about the sport of futból, or as it referred to here in the U.S., soccer.  While we do allow an occasional guest player or ‘odar’ (non-Armenian) to join us, the primary focus of our club is to bring together Armenians who share a common love for club and homeland.

If you’re interested in joining our group or would like to play as a guest, please contact our Club Administrator, Ara Catchatoorian at (559) 825-1HYE (493) or via email at

If you’ve attended as a guest and would like to join FAFC, then click here to register.

Is there a cost to join FAFC?
Currently, there is no cost to join FAFC. However, individual players may be required to pay a nominal fee when participating in tournaments or indoor matches.

FAFC Players Code of Conduct
As an FAFC player, you promise to:

  1. Uphold and respect all club rules as outlined on this website.
  2. Play honorably and respect all players, leaders, and spectators, both on and off the field.
  3. Play with a positive attitude, win, lose, or draw.
  4. Avoid arguing, fighting, taunting, swearing, or malicious play (i.e. intentional fouls)
  5. Represent FAFC with pride at all times on and off the field.

FAFC Rosters

  • Current FAFC Club Roster (Full)
  • FAFC Ararat Roster – coming soon!
  • FAFC Masis Roster – coming soon!
  • FAFC Veterans Roster – coming soon!
  • FAFC Indoor Roster – coming soon!